Top Teas According to Dads

With Father's Day rapidly approaching, we thought it was about time that we heard from the Dads. 

According to our community, these are the teas most loved by Dads. 

Maybe there's a tea here for you too!


Rooibos tisane South African tea


This tisane originating from South Africa, Rooibos has a sweet aroma and flavour. It is chock full of antioxidants and vitamin C. It also offers an alternative to a caffeinated blend - perfect for the afternoon or evening.  



China Gunpowder Green Tea

China Gunpowder 

Described as a "manly" green tea, China Gunpowder has a dark honey coloured liquor and a deep, flavoursome palate with just a hint of smokiness. 

It's name comes from its unique and distinctive appearance. As it steeps, the little pellets explode into long leaves which release its flavour and aroma.

Serve alongside a meal of steak and three veg!


Assam Margherita Black Tea


Originating from the Assam estate of India, this is a strong, low grown tea named after the reigning Queen of Italy of the time. A large leaf quality tea perfect to accompany breakfast or drunk as an afternoon pick-me up. 



Earl Grey Premium Bergamot Black Tea

Earl Grey Premium

 A high quality Ceylon black tea of Indian origin blended with bergamot oil produces a premium version of an old classic. Smooth and refreshing to the palate and will satisfy those who drink their tea with or without milk.  



Tie Guan Yin Iron Goddess oolong tea

Tie Guan Yin

One of China's most famous teas translating to Iron Goddess of Mercy. This oolong is smooth and sweet as well as a beautiful depth of flavour and aroma. Oolong teas are known for their benefits to the brain, heart, bone and dental health. There are also whispers that regular consumption of oolong teas may help decrease an individual's risk of developing type 2          diabetes. 

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