Jade Rings

Jade Rings

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  Jade Rings

A rare hand crafted tea from the Fujian province in China that epitomises true artisan tea.  Made from the best leaves of tea plants less than five years old, the leaf is hand rolled into the ring shape then pan fired keeping the temperature of the pan in unison with the moisture content of the leaves.

With a clean, sweet and ever so slight nutty taste, this exquisite green tea is smooth and elegant to the palate.  The care, skill and expertise that goes into producing this tea is released when steeped.

All you need is 3 or 4 rings per cup. 250ml of water and the leaves will gracefully unfurl.  Heat water to 80c (or let boiled water stand for app 2 mins) and as for all teas, freshly drawn water is best. 

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