How many cups of tea does each size bag contain? 

- 100 gram bag contains approximately 40 cups of tea

- 250 gram bag contains approximately 100 cups of tea. 

However, some blends will allow you to re-brew the leaf multiple times so you may find you get bonus cups of tea!

Can I pick up my tea order? 

No, sorry. However, we offer free local delivery for most of Townsville or paid postage Australia wide. 

Do you sell caffeine free tea?

All tea that comes from the Camellia sinensis plant naturally contains caffeine which means that all of our black, green and white teas do contain caffeine. However, it is much less per cup than a cup of espresso coffee. 

BUT our rooibos blends and tisanes are caffeine free! 

 Which blends do you recommend? 

Each person has a unique palette and collection of likes and dislikes so we probably cannot recommend a tea that everyone will like. If you would like some help making your selection, please get in contact with us - we love talking about our teas and would be more than happy to help.

Do you stock X tea? 

The teas that we stock are all listed on our website so if you can't find it there, it is likely that we don't currently stock it. However, if you are looking for something specific please get in touch via Facebook or email so we can help you source or blend it. 

Is there anywhere in Townsville that I can purchase your teas in store? 

At the moment, you can only purchase our teas online. However, you can sit in store and have a pot of tea at Cute as a Cupcake. They're located at 1/169 Charters Towers Road, Hyde Park.